About Us

Prodigy Coffee is a little gem in the heart of the West Village. Our focus is on great coffee delivered with respectful service. We are an espresso bar with a long-standing passion for coffee. We also offer a selection of pastries from the best bakers in NYC.

We have an intimate space that is always a hub of creativity. Screenplays, books, poems and personal musings have and continue to be produced in our magical space. Please stop by, find a seat, and see what happens.

 Our team has made coffee a career, and know that as important as the coffee is, you "the coffee lover",  is why we are here.

We roast coffee in Red Hook - Brooklyn,  at our wholesale branch, Gotham Coffee Roasters.


Our Vision

Prodigy was born from the vision and experience of two restaurant veterans, and is fueled by the passion of young, energetic third wave coffee drinkers.We started with an idea of creating a space that people will want to return to for great coffee, but also to connect with like minded folks.

Prodigy has become more than we ever imagined. It is an ongoing story about those of us who serve the coffee, and those of you who honor us with daily visits and a willingness to share your story.

If you haven't been , please come visit, and if you know us, thank you for making this all worth while.