About Us

Prodigy Coffee is a little gem in the heart of the West Village, New York. We have made coffee a career and are proud to serve the local community 365 days a year.

We are purveyors of global coffee, and strive to deliver the finest cup alongside warm and welcoming service. Our small batch coffees are roasted in Brooklyn, NY, and we offer a selection of pastries from the most renowned bakers in NYC.

Our space is a hub of creativity where screenplays, books, poems and personal musings are produced by our neighborhood regulars. Stop by and and stay a while at our intimate space on Carmine St. and experience the intersection of culture and flavor of Prodigy Coffee


Our Vision

Prodigy was born from the vision and experience of two restaurant veterans, and is fueled by the passion of young, energetic third wave coffee drinkers. We started with an idea of creating a space that people will want to return to for great coffee, but also to connect with like minded folks.

Prodigy has become more than we ever imagined. It is an ongoing story about those of us who serve the coffee, and those of you who honor us with daily visits and a willingness to share your story.

If you haven't been, please come visit, and if you know us, thank you for making this all worth while.